Helpful Links for ESL Students

On-Line ESL Dictionaries
Newbury-Heinle Learner's Dictionary

Longman Online Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary


Collocations (words often used together)

Homophones/Homonyms (words that sound the same but are different in spelling or meaning)

Idioms (group of words that has a meaning that is different from the ordinary meaning of each separate word)

Slang (informal, sometimes offensive, language used by people who belong to a particular group)

Euphemisms (polite expression used in place of words or phrases that seem harsh or unpleasant)


Dysphemisms (harsh, more offensive word instead of one considered less harsh)


Thesaurus (contains synonyms (words that mean the same) (Note: most online dictionaries have a thesaurus)

Vocabulary Games

Academic Word List (high-frequency words in English-language academic texts)

On-Line Spanish-English Dictionaries

Grammar Exercises

Listening and Speaking Practice

Mixed Skills

Phrasal Verbs




Writing Links


Gale Virtual Reference Library (read and listen to academic articles in English and other languages)


National Public Radio
New York Times

The Church

Mass (Altar, Vestments, etc.)
Pronunciation of Biblical Terms
Bible Readings/Daily