Power Outage

Dec 03, 2015

Around 7:50 the campus lost power. AEP reset the College building circuits and brought that build on-line first. After AEP reset these circuits, the Administration, Theology, and Library buildings did not come back on-line. It appears that a short developed in the underground power utility between the powerhouse and kitchen area. These lines, which are owned and managed by AEP, were quickly repaired by the utility company. Power was restored to the rest of the campus shortly before noon. Once the power was restored (approx 11:50), we began the process of restarting the servers and switches. The WIFI was brought back on-line to all areas of campus by 2:30. All services should now be operational. If you have can not get to the internet or are having any printer or computer issues fill our a work order or call Tracy Brockman or Myself.

Category: IT Department

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