Daily Bulletin

May 06, 2015

The Daily Bulletin

May 6, 2015



Book Giveaway: Friday, May 8th

Time: 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Where: North end library lower level

What: Books remaining from past book sales
How Many: Each member of the seminary community
may select up to 6 books at no charge.​





Lost: This is probably a long shot, but has anybody seen my GPS; (it's a garmen, black in color) and my car charger for my iPhone 5S; (also black in color Verizon brand)?  I had them on Friday Night 4/17/15 and now they both seem to be missing.  If you have them or found them, please return them to Jacob Padden.  I am in room 318 in the College.​

Found: A black Knights of Columbus rosary in one of the cardio machines in the weight room. 





For Those Who Have Died​​

General Intentions/In Thanksgiving​​


For Those Who Are Ill​​​​

For Kathleen Schoemaker, member of the Board of Trustees, who is recovering from a serious illness. -John Erwin

For Father Ken Brown, a priest of the Diocese of Monterey in California, who remains gravely ill. - Robert Badger

Please pray for Dan, a young husband and father who is being treated for leukemia. He will be receiving chemotherapy Thursday through Monday, then will have full-body radiation treatment on Tuesday, followed by a bone marrow transplant on Wednesday. These procedures are being done at Johns-Hopkins, in Baltimore. Please also pray for peace in the city, for its residents, as well as for visitors like Dan and his family. -Mary Dietz


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