Welcome to the Academic page of the Intranet.CahallClass.png On this page you will find resources from the offices of the Academic Deans and Registrar. This page is maintained by Cathi Ebling, at the request of Dr. Perry Cahall, Dr. Rick Graff, and Mr. Sam Dean. All requests to post information to this page should be directed to Ms. Ebling.

The registrar also manages a page on the main web site ( for incoming admitted students. Additional forms from the registrar are on this page that you may find helpful.

Academic Dean for Theology: Dr. Perry Cahall, phone ext. 2270
Academic Dean for College: Dr. Rick Graff, phone ext. 2272
Registrar: Mr. Sam Dean, phone ext. 2226

Administrative Assistant for the Deans is Cathi Ebling, phone ext. 2274

Important Dates 

M.Div., M.A., and STB Important Dates 2021-2022

Seminary Course Catalog