Resources for the Study of Philosophy: Introduction

This tutorial consists of a series of modules you can use as an introduction to the basic resources available for the study of philosophy. You can learn about encyclopedias and basic reference resources, tips on searching the Voyager catalog for books on philosophical topics and an introduction to locating journal articles using the Philosopher's Index. There is also a section on web resources for the study of philosophy. You can select the topic you are interested in from the menu at the bottom of each screen or proceed through the entire tutorial by using the link to the next topic on each screen.

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Locate Background Information Using Histories of Philosophy] [Locate Background Information Using Cambridge Companions] [Locate Background Information Using Summaries of Major Philosophical Works] [Locate Books in the Josephinum Collection Using the Voyager Library Catalog] [How to Search for Books by Author] [How to Search for Books by Title] [How to Search for Books by Subject] [Locate Citations to Journal Articles Using the Philosopher's Index] [Locate Material on the Web] [Library Web Page]